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  1. Cybersecurity, Risk Management
    GSX - CrowdStrike Falcon
    SKU: GSX - CrowdStrike Falcon
    CrowdStrike Falcon is an endpoint protection solution that monitors the behavior logs of devices aro ...
  2. Apps, Cybersecurity
    Intelligent Deception by Seedata
    SKU: Intelligent Deception by Seedata
    Detects threats and reduces the impact of security incidents.
  3. Apps, Cybersecurity
    Aiculus - API Security
    SKU: Aiculus API Security
    Advanced AI-based API security to protect your organization from cyber threats.
  4. Apps, Cybersecurity
    Daltrey Passwordless Authentication
    SKU: Daltrey Passwordless Authentication
    Secure & Convenient Login, No Passwords
  5. Apps, Cybersecurity
    CognitiveView - Video Communication Monitoring
    SKU: CognitiveView - Video Communication Monitoring
    AI-Powered Video Communication Monitoring for Compliance & Security
  6. Apps, Cybersecurity
    Vulnerability Prioritisation
    SKU: Vulnerability Prioritisation
    Reduce risk without straining resources with predictive intelligence that dynamically prioritises vu ...
  7. Apps, Cybersecurity
    Orpheus Cyber Attack Surface Intelligence
    SKU: Attack Surface Intelligence
    Reduce cyber attack risk with surface intelligence
  8. Apps, Cybersecurity
    SecurityScorecard Attack Surface Intelligence
    SKU: SecurityScorecard Attack Surface Intelligence
    Take back the power from adversaries. Threat researchers lose confidence in making smart business de ...
  9. Apps, Cybersecurity
    SecurityScorecard Ratings
    SKU: SecurityScorecard Ratings
    Features real-time monitoring and custom ratings for your organization.
  10. Apps, Cybersecurity
    SKU: intelfinder
    IntelFinder can integrate with the 6clicks core GRC platform to provide a centralized system for man ...
  11. Apps, Cybersecurity
    SEON Fraud Fighters
    SKU: seon-fraud-fighters
    SEON provides a complete end-to-end, fraud-fighting platform for online businesses.
  12. Apps, Cybersecurity
    SKU: barricade
    Barricade works like an early warning system against any attempts at breaching the security of serve ...
  13. Apps, Cybersecurity
    SKU: intruder
    Intruder is a vulnerability scanner that finds the cyber security weaknesses in your computer system ...
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