APRA APS 222: Associations with Related Entities Standard

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This Prudential Standard requires authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs) to give due consideration to the risks associated with the corporate group of which they are a member and to ensure they are not exposed to excessive risk as a result of their associations and dealings with related entities.
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The objective of this Prudential Standard is that authorised deposit-taking institutions identify, monitor and control contagion risks arising from their associations and dealings with related entities and those creating step-in risk.

The key requirements of this Prudential Standard are that an authorised deposit-taking institution must:

• have a Board-approved policy that governs its associations and dealings with its related entities;
• identify, monitor, manage and control potential contagion risk between the authorised deposit-taking institution and its related entities and step-in risk entities;
• meet minimum requirements with respect to dealings with related entities and step-in risk entities which may give rise to prudential concerns; and
• maintain exposures to related entities within limits.

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