Araali Lens

Complete Asset Visibility, Cloud-Native IDS & Attack Vector Alerts
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Araali Lens is a multi-cloud management solution that provides complete visibility into your assets. With the ability to zoom into clusters, namespaces, pods, and containers, you can understand your runtime in real-time. With its highly performant eBPF technology, you can be assured that there will be no disruptions to your business operations.

One of the key features of Araali Lens is its continuous monitoring of your runtime, providing contextual actionable alerts, and cloud-native IDS. With the ability to see how your cloud-native apps interact with each other, third-party services, cloud services, and SaaS, you can ensure the security and stability of your systems. Additionally, you can get instant alerts for top-of-mind attack vectors such as Backdoors, Supply Chain Attacks, Ransomware Attacks, and Command-and-Control, allowing you to stay ahead of any potential security threats.

In a world where digital transformation is a necessity, it is important to have a solution like Araali Lens to manage your multi-cloud infrastructure. By providing you with complete visibility into your assets and the ability to receive contextual alerts, you can make informed decisions about your IT operations, security, and risk management.

Getting Started

Getting started with Araali Lens is simple. To learn more about its features and how it can help you manage your multi-cloud infrastructure, click the Learn More button.

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More Information
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