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The ACSC recommends that organisations implement their Essential Eight security guidelines as a baseline to mitigate cyber security breaches. The Essential Eight are designed to protect Microsoft Windows-based internet-connected networks. While the Essential Eight may be applied to cloud services and enterprise mobility, or other operating systems, it was not primarily designed for such purposes and alternative mitigation strategies may be more appropriate to mitigate unique cyber threats to these environments. In such cases, organisations should consider alternative guidance provided by the ACSC.
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This download includes the ASD Essential 8 controls (as of July 2019) only so there are no mapped questions. Use this download if you just want the provisions and you want to create your own question set.

The Essential Eight is a prioritised list of mitigation strategies to assist organisations in protecting their systems against a range of adversaries. The mitigation strategies can be customised based on each organisation’s risk profile and the adversaries they are most concerned about.

While no single mitigation strategy is guaranteed to prevent cybersecurity incidents, organisations are recommended to implement eight essential mitigation strategies as a baseline. This baseline, known as the Essential Eight, makes it much harder for adversaries to compromise systems.

Furthermore, implementing the Essential Eight proactively can be more cost-effective in terms of time, money and effort than having to respond to a large-scale cybersecurity incident.

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