Autonomous Sanctions Act 2011

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An Act to make provision relating to sanctions to facilitate the conduct of Australia's external affairs, and for related purposes.
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Purposes of this Act:

  • provide for autonomous sanctions; and
  • provide for enforcement of autonomous sanctions (whether applied under this Act or another law of the Commonwealth); and
  • facilitate the collection, flow and use of information relevant to the administration of autonomous sanctions (whether applied under this Act or another law of the Commonwealth).

All parts of the act are included:

Part 1 – Preliminary.

1. Short title

2. Commencement

3. Purposes of this Act

4. Definitions

5. Specifying a Commonwealth entity as a designated Commonwealth entity

6. Specifying a provision as a sanction law

7. Extension to external Territories

8. Act binds the Crown

9. Relationship with other laws

Part 2 Regulations to provide for sanctions.

10. Regulations may apply sanctions

11. Regulations may have extraterritorial effect

12. Effect of regulations on earlier Commonwealth Acts and on State and Territory laws

13. Later Acts not to be interpreted as overriding this Part or the regulations

14. Injunctions

15. Invalidation of authorisations

Part 3 – Offences relating to sanctions.

16. Offence—contravening a sanction law

17. Offence—false or misleading information given in connection with a sanction law

Part 4 – Information relating to sanctions.

18. CEO of Commonwealth entity may give information or document on request by CEO of designated Commonwealth entity

19. Power to require information or documents to be given

20. Information may be required to be given on oath

21. Offence for failure to comply with requirement

22. Self-incrimination not an excuse

23. CEO may copy documents

24. Further disclosure and use of information and documents

25. Protection from liability

26. Retention of records and documents

27. Delegation

Part 5 – Miscellaneous.

28. Regulations

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