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Identify and mitigate the specific cyber risks that matter in your business with Brace168’s holistic cyber security approach, driven by industry best practice frameworks.
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Brace168 offers right-sized cyber security solutions for every business, with an all-encompassing approach underpinned by the NIST framework, the ACSC Essential 8, and ISO27001. Our portfolio of services includes:

  1. B Aware - Proactive cyber security services that help discover and assess various sophisticated threats, vulnerabilities, and tolerances unique to your business’ risk profile.

  2. B Secure - A complete suite of services that safeguard your business from within by providing secure access to work from anywhere and ensuring that your data is always protected.

  3. B Protected - Services that secure your business from the outside in through a combination of technology and managed services that work seamlessly across all your IT systems and connected devices.

  4. B Compliant - Managed incident monitoring and response service that equips your business with proactive visibility and response, network intrusion detection, user access activity, and DNS monitoring (external).

With Brace168's expertise, we take a forensic approach to detect breaches within your environment and deliver real-time alerts through a 24/7 "eyes on glass" service. Contact us to secure your business with our cyber security solutions.

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