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    Trust Portal
    SKU: 6clicks-trust-portal
    The trust portal is an excellent way to demonstrate your credibility to external stakeholders. You can share internal risk and compliance assessments, product information, and supporting documentation ...
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    SKU: 6clicks-metrics
    The Metric feature on 6clicks is very useful to monitor the performance of all risk and compliance activities. With custom metrics that you can derive from existing metrics, monitoring and measurement ...
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    SKU: 6clicks-registers
    Create custom registers for events and items such as breaches, assets, gifts, threats, risks, conflicts of interests, etc. You can also bulk import register items as needed to the register on 6clicks. ...
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    SKU: 6clicks-vendors
    Your supply chain needs to be protected from third-party risks. Vendor risk management (VRM) or Third-party risk management (TRPM) on 6clicks helps you automate all the tasks and supports you with ass ...
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    Threats & Vulnerabilities
    SKU: 6clicks-threats-vulnerabilities
    Managing threats and vulnerabilities is not just a mandatory requirement for compliance and implementation of international standards. It is also required to secure your information and systems agains ...
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    Obligations & Controls
    SKU: 6clicks-obligations-controls
    Obligation management lets advisors and managed service providers (MSPs) define obligations and controls and share them with their clients. Obligations can be defined and linked with controls, ris ...
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    Analytics & Reporting
    SKU: 6clicks-analytics-reporting

    The 6clicks Analytics and Reporting suite conveys useful insights using dashboards, pixel-perfect charts, reports, presentations, and data stories. Experience analytics like never before with pre-s ...

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    SKU: 6clicks-attestations
    With the 6clicks attestation module, attestations are more systematic and easy to monitor. Both risks and control attestations can be automated and attestors can be assigned. This module is perfect fo ...
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    Projects & Playbooks
    SKU: 6clicks-projects-playbooks
    6clicks Projects & Playbooks helps you to give more structure to the team's work by letting you plan and organise the team's tasks in one place. The team members' work can be put into tasks and sub-ta ...
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    Issues & Incidents
    SKU: 6clicks-issues-incidents
    The Issues & Incidents module in 6clicks lets you create new issues and incidents and track them. You can customise issues and also bulk import them. They can be added to different libraries. The 6cli ...
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    SKU: 6clicks-risks

    Risk management and related tasks are critical yet complex. And most of these tasks are iterative in nature demanding significant time and effort. When you use 6clicks to automate these tasks, risk ...

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    Audits & Assessments
    SKU: 6clicks-audits-assessments
    Accelerate your audits and assessments with the 6clicks AI engine Hailey. Getting your business audit-ready is faster, easier, and more convenient with automated internal audits and risk assessments. ...

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