Corporations Act 2001

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The Corporations Act 2001 fundamentally defines the laws dealing with business entities in Australia at both the federal and state levels.
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The Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (also known as CA 2001) is an Act of the Commonwealth of Australia that establishes the federal and interstate rules governing corporate entities in Australia.

Although it also engages with other entities like partnerships and managed investment schemes, businesses make up the majority of its clients.The Act serves as the main foundation for Australian corporate law.

The main piece of legislation governing corporations in Australia is the Corporations Act.
It governs activities like the creation and management of corporations (in conjunction with a constitution that a corporation may adopt), the responsibilities of executives, takeovers, and fundraising.

The Act is published in five volumes covering a total of ten chapters. The chapters have multiple parts, and within each part there may be multiple divisions. Each chapter contains a collection of sections.

Volume 1

Chapters 1–2J (ss. 1 – 260E)

  • Chapter 1—Introductory
  • Chapter 2A—Registering a company
  • Chapter 2B—Basic features of a company
  • Chapter 2C—Registers
  • Chapter 2D—Officers and employees
  • Chapter 2E—Related party transactions
  • Chapter 2F—Members’ rights and remedies
  • Chapter 2G—Meetings
  • Chapter 2H—Shares
  • Chapter 2J—Transactions affecting share capital

Volume 2

Chapters 2L–5B (ss. 283AA – 601DJ)

  • Chapter 2L—Debentures
  • Chapter 2M—Financial reports and audit
  • Chapter 2N—Updating ASIC information about companies and registered schemes
  • Chapter 2P—Lodgments with ASIC
  • Chapter 5—External administration
  • Chapter 5A—Deregistration, and transfer of registration, of companies
  • Chapter 5B—Bodies corporate registered as companies, and registrable bodies

Volume 3

Chapters 5C–6D (ss. 601EA – 742)

  • Chapter 5C—Managed investment schemes
  • Chapter 6—Takeovers
  • Chapter 6A—Compulsory acquisitions and buy‑outs
  • Chapter 6B—Rights and liabilities in relation to Chapter 6 and 6A matters
  • Chapter 6C—Information about ownership of listed companies and managed investment schemes
  • Chapter 6CA—Continuous disclosure
  • Chapter 6D—Fundraising

Volume 4

Chapter 7 (ss. 760A – 1101J)

  • Chapter 7—Financial services and markets
    • Part 7.10—Market misconduct and other prohibited conduct relating to financial products and financial services

Volume 5

Schedules 3 and 4

  • Schedule 3—Penalties
  • Schedule 4—Transfer of financial institutions and friendly societies

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  • Table of Acts

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