Cyber Audit Team - Cyber Security Training & Consulting

Cyber Audit Team will support your company’s existing information security and cybersecurity maturity journey by providing specialised cyber security awareness training, cyber security policy & procedure development, independent IT security configuration, validation and hardening, and CISO-as-a-service.
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Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility and your people play an integral role in front line cyber defences; however, untrained, they can also be your greatest risk. Not all data breaches occur from being ‘hacked’. In fact, nearly all incidents and breach can be attributed to some form of human error such as a lack of training, ineffective policies or procedures, inadvertent disclosure of personal information, poor password hygiene, incorrect disposal of sensitive data, or misconfigured IT systems. A 2019 IBM Threat Intelligence Index discovered that the ‘Insider Threat’ still posed the greatest risk to businesses. Therefore, greater emphasis must be placed on user-awareness, staff training and educational programmes. As part of our Managed Security Services, we will train your staff so they become one of the strongest links in your company’s defences – effectively your “human firewall”. Starting with your Board and Senior Executives, training is delivered via face-face workshops and our Learning Management Systems (LMS). Our one-on-one training workshops ensure that information security and cybersecurity are forefront of mind, whilst delivering the latest international cybersecurity intelligence.

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