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Detectify continuously analyzes your web application from a hacker’s perspective and reports back to you with security issues and descriptive reports. We monitor your security, so that you can focus on building great products.
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Detectify is a leading web application security scanner that helps businesses identify and fix vulnerabilities in their web applications. By integrating Detectify with our Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) platform, businesses can now easily automate and streamline their vulnerability management processes.

The integration of Detectify and 6clicks GRC platform is made possible through Zapier, a powerful automation tool that connects web apps. With Zapier, businesses can easily set up automated workflows between Detectify and 6clicks, allowing for seamless and efficient management of vulnerabilities.

With 6clicks, businesses can easily report on vulnerabilities, including the number of vulnerabilities found, vulnerabilities that have been resolved, and vulnerabilities that are still open. This information can be used to understand the effectiveness of the vulnerability management process, and make improvements as needed.

The integration of Detectify and 6clicks GRC platform makes it easy for businesses to manage their vulnerabilities and stay compliant with industry standards. Try it now and see the difference!


Business Case

A business use case for the integration of Detectify and 6clicks GRC platform could be in the context of web application security. By using Detectify to scan and identify vulnerabilities in their web applications, businesses can automatically create and update risk assessments in 6clicks to ensure that they have a complete understanding of the potential impact of vulnerabilities on their organization's security posture.

The integration allows businesses to automatically create new risks in 6clicks when a new vulnerability is identified by Detectify, and automatically update the risk assessment in 6clicks when a vulnerability is closed or mitigated. This allows organizations to have a complete and up-to-date view of their web application security risks, which can help them to prioritize and respond to vulnerabilities more effectively.

Additionally, businesses can also use the integration to automatically update the compliance status of their web applications in 6clicks when a vulnerability is identified. This allows them to ensure that their web applications are always in compliance with the relevant regulations and standards.

Getting Started

  • Connect your Detectify account to 6clicks through Zapier
  • Set up automated workflows to automatically create and assign tasks in 6clicks for vulnerabilities identified by Detectify
  • Track progress and resolve vulnerabilities with ease
  • Keep your business secure and compliant with this seamless integration
  • Try it now or click "Learn more".

More Information

More Information
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