Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) Regulations and Directives

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The Digital Operational Resilience Act, or DORA, is a European Union (EU) regulation that creates a binding, comprehensive information and communication technology (ICT) risk management framework for the EU financial sector. DORA establishes technical standards that financial entities and their critical third-party technology service providers must implement in their ICT systems.
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In order to achieve a high common level of digital operational resilience, this Regulation lays down uniform requirements concerning the security of network and information systems supporting the business processes of financial entities as follows:

  1. requirements applicable to financial entities in relation to:
    1. information and communication technology (ICT) risk management;
    2. reporting of major ICT-related incidents and notifying, on a voluntary basis, significant cyber threats to the competent authorities;
    3. reporting of major operational or security payment-related incidents to the competent authorities by financial entities referred to in Article 2(1), points (a) to (d);
    4. digital operational resilience testing;
    5.  information and intelligence sharing in relation to cyber threats and vulnerabilities;
    6.  measures for the sound management of ICT third-party risk;
  2.  requirements in relation to the contractual arrangements concluded between ICT third-party service providers and financial entities;
  3. rules for the establishment and conduct of the Oversight Framework for critical ICT third-party service providers when providing services to financial entities;
  4. rules on cooperation among competent authorities, and rules on supervision and enforcement by competent authorities in relation to all matters covered by this Regulation.

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