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CrowdStrike Falcon is an endpoint protection solution that monitors the behavior logs of devices around the world collected in the cloud to determine and detect targeted attacks in real time.
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In addition to traditional malware attack protection, superior machine learning, artificial intelligence, and behavioral analytics protect your endpoints by detecting and deterring advanced threats such as fileless attacks.

Robust security through advanced technology and human monitoring

CrowdStrike centrally manages the behavior logs of devices around the world, collecting and learning more than 1 trillion events a day. It excels in automatic detection of known and unknown malware, and also counters advanced cyberattacks by conducting threat hunting with a 1-hour, 24-day monitoring system by experts. It has been selected by more than 365,178 companies in 18 countries around the world.

One platform for all environments

CrowdStrike (CrowdStrikeFalconPlatform) can cover various environments such as PC terminals (workstations), servers, and mobile with a single agent. Multiple management consoles are not required.
One platform for all environments

Cloud-based for easy introduction and operation

Since the management server is provided as a cloud service, there is no need to build it yourself. Agents deployed on endpoints run in lightweight kernel mode, are automatically upgraded, and do not require a reboot.

Real-time determination and notification of the presence or absence of targeted attacks

CrowdStrike uses the latest threat intelligence in the cloud to determine whether or not an attack is a targeted attack in response to EDR alerts, and to check attacker information in real time in the event of an attack.
EDR detection Identify target countries, industries, and motives Identify attackers and attack techniques

Experts monitor all behavior logs in real-time

Experts monitor logs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are constantly hunting for new threats, allowing you to detect potential threats that your system can't detect.
Actual OverWatch detections

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More Information
Region Asia
Industries Serviced Educational & Research, Government
Technology Type Cloud-based
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