Human Resources Security Control Set

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Human resources security's goal is to guarantee that all workers—including contractors and anybody else who uses sensitive data—are qualified for and comprehend their job-related tasks and obligations, and that access is revoked once an employee's employment is over.
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This Human Resources Security controls set / policy helps to ensure that employees, contractors and third party users are managed throughout their employment. The control set / policy has been created by 6clicks as a baseline for your consideration when establishing your cyber and information security program. Control sets / policies include a set of controls, in this case mapped to the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001, along with an associated set of policies, which we call statements. Statements are the individual responsibilities that you assign to people -- or groups -- within your organisation and can be associated with reminders/checks for ongoing performance management. This Human Resources Security controls set / policy includes the following topics:

  • pre-employment checks;
  • security clearances;
  • employee agreements;
  • security awareness;
  • disciplinary procedures; and
  • termination or change of employment.

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