Incident Management by RiskLogic

By : RiskLogic
Plan for all potential harm scenarios to be prepared for the unexpected.
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Prepare for any unexpected incidents by establishing plans & procedures for all possible scenarios of potential harm.

RiskLogic’s incident management plans, training and exercises all revolve around a comprehensive four stage lifecycle matrix.

Each stage allows us to instantly recognise where organisations can improve their resilience:

  • Incident Planning: Assess your level of preparedness and compliance for an incident by analysing and reviewing your existing resilience programs.
  • Leadership Training: Train incident response team members to respond effectively and efficiently, by focussing on specific roles. Training is done either face-to-face or virtually.
  • Scenario Exercising: Once training is completed, we will help validate your team via realistic, hands-on scenario exercises.
  • Continual Improvement: Maintain your readiness & continue to improve it, strengthening stakeholder confidence across the organisation.

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