MAS 655 Notice on Cyber Hygiene Question Set

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This download includes the MAS 655 Notice of Cyber Hygiene requirements and mapped questions that you can use to internally audit your organisation. The MAS 655 Notice on Cyber Hygiene includes a set of 10 requirements for financial services in Singapore.
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The MAS 655 Notice of Cyber Hygiene applies to all banks in Singapore (including money changers and remittance companies). It sets out cyber security requirements on securing administrative accounts, applying security patching, establishing baseline security standards, deploying network security devices, implementing anti-malware measures and strengthening user authentication.

The MAS 655 Notice on Cyber Hygiene spans 10 requirements across 6 sections as follows:

4.1 Administrative Accounts

4.2 Security Patches

4.3 Security Standards

4.4 Network Perimeter Defence

4.5 Malware protection

4.6 Multi-factor Authenticatio

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