MEHARI 2010: Risk Analysis & Management Processing Guide

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This guide presents MEHARI overall processing for risk analysis and treatment and describes the different steps involved. It is based on the use of MEHARI 2010 knowledge base.
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This download includes MEHARI 2010- Risk Analysis and treatment Guide. This guide is for managers who want to begin a process of risk management in a business or organization, with the help of MEHARI. MEHARI is notable for the fact that it enables direct, individual management of each risk, in contrast to management methods that are global and provide less differentiation between risks

The key elements are the following:

  • Risks must be identified and described by scenarios containing a certain number of specific and precise elements.
  • Each risk scenario can be evaluated quantitatively (that is, the risk can be measured) and this evaluation takes into account:
  • The intrinsic impact of the risk scenario, which reflects the level of the consequence of the scenario occurring, in the absence of any security measures,
  • The intrinsic likelihood of the scenario (or natural exposure to the scenario), which reflects the probability of the scenario occurring, in the absence of any security measures,
  • Risk reduction factors are based on the security measures, categorized by the type of effect they have on the impact or likelihood of risk measures and the quality of these measures.

The procedure for evaluating each risk scenario enables security measures to be selected, with qualitative goals for each measure such that the risk can be held below an acceptable level.

The MEHARI approach consists of three phases:

Preparatory Phase:

  •     Study of the context
  •     Scope and boundaries
  •     Technical parameters

Risk assessment operational phase:

  •     Stakes analysis & assets classification
  •     Diagnostic of security services
  •     Risk analysis & assessment

Planning phase for risk treatment:

  •     Planning of immediate measures
  •     Planning of other measures
  •     Oversight & piloting

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