By : 6clicks is a work management and project management tool that allows teams to plan and track projects, collaborate, and manage tasks in real-time. With, you can manage team workload, see progress at a glance, set priorities, and easily share information, files, and updates.
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Details is a work management and project management tool that allows teams to plan, collaborate and manage tasks in real-time. It can integrate seamlessly with the 6clicks core GRC platform to provide a centralized system for managing and tracking compliance-related tasks and projects. With this integration, organizations can use to create and assign tasks related to compliance, and track their progress and completion.'s dashboards and reporting features can provide valuable insights and give stakeholders visibility into compliance-related activities, and can provide evidence of compliance for audits.

One of the key features of is its ability to create boards and workflows that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of a compliance program. For example, a compliance team could create a board to track the progress of compliance-related tasks, such as security assessments, incident response planning, and vendor risk management. Within this board, the team could create different columns to represent the different stages of a task, such as "To-do", "In progress", "Completed" and "Verified". Additionally, allows to add deadlines, assignees, labels and comments on each task, this allows compliance teams to better prioritize and manage compliance-related activities.'s reporting feature also allows compliance teams to create custom reports that provide insights into the status of compliance-related activities. These reports can be exported and shared with stakeholders, such as senior management and auditors, to provide evidence of compliance. Additionally, also allows to create real-time dashboards that provide stakeholders with an overview of compliance-related activities.

A business use case for this integration would be an organization that needs to comply with multiple regulations, such as HIPAA, SOC2, and ISO 27001. The organization can use to manage compliance tasks, such as security assessments and incident response planning, and integrate the data into the 6clicks platform to demonstrate compliance with the standard. This integration allows the organization to streamline its compliance program and provide evidence of compliance for audits.

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