NIST Cyber Security Expert (NCSE)

The NIST Cyber Security Expert (NCSE) certification course has been developed to teach businesses how to establish and operationalise a cyber security program based on the NIST Cyber Security Framework. This non-tech syllabus aimed at business leaders and/or cyber security practitioners has been developed based on a holistic body of knowledge that encompasses a real-life pragmatic approach to understanding the fundamental concepts of cyber risk management and how to leverage the NIST Cyber Security Framework in order to assess, implement and operationalise a cyber security program. No previous cyber security knowledge is assumed and the course is appropriate for all levels.
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The syllabus presumes little to no cyber related experience and commences with providing an understanding of the CYBER THREAT LANDSCAPE. In the first module, we explore the cyber threat landscape and gain an understanding of the key threat actors, their motivations and techniques.