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Streamline workforce compliance. Secure and efficient solution for real-time data management.
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OnePassport is a digital risk management system for workforce compliance, providing organizations with a comprehensive solution for managing their employees' credentials and compliance information. OnePassport helps organizations maintain regulatory compliance and reduce risk by providing real-time visibility into their workforce information.

With OnePassport, organizations can shift the time and cost of data upload from themselves to their workers, allowing for multiple records to be uploaded at once and reports to be generated in seconds. This can result in a reduction of up to 50% in workforce compliance administration.

Typically, organizations hold their workforce compliance information in multiple areas, such as recruitment, HR, learning and development, and infection prevention and control. Each department having its own IT setup creates a fragmented view of the data, with no single place where a risk manager can see everything. With OnePassport, all workforce compliance information is centralized and accessible in one place.

OnePassport is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, with dashboards and multiple metrics to show the big picture and reports to deep dive into all areas. It is also equipped with alerts for any information with an expiry date, so that neither the worker nor their manager misses anything.

OnePassport serves a variety of industries, including healthcare, government, and education, and is trusted by organizations of all sizes to meet their workforce compliance needs. In a recent case study, a large healthcare organization was able to streamline their workforce compliance processes, reduce administrative burden, and improve overall regulatory compliance.

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