We are an integrated group of diverse practitioners. A team of deep thinkers and hands-on professionals. Advisors who transform information into insights and insights into action. BRG’s Cyber Security and Investigations group is uniquely prepared to help clients with a full range of data security, data protection, and privacy challenges. Our team has special expertise in cyber incident response, as well as helping clients forensically navigate the legal and regulatory aftermath of an incident. BRG’s cross-border, interdisciplinary team also offers vulnerability assessments, cyber security improvement plans, enterprise security architecture design, and assistance with cyber-regulatory compliance and audits. In addition, the group provides a number of coordinated services, including industry-leading bitcoin consulting and analysis, expert witness engagements, independent board reviews, custom software engineering, and cyber security training. Our practice draws on the skills of BRG staff around the world, along with an extensive network of associates, including prominent academics, CPAs, experienced business leaders, former government officials, and seasoned consultants. We have the agility to assemble teams with the specific, nuanced talent and sector and geographic insight needed to address a particular problem and provide highly specialized and strategic advice.

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