When it comes to knowing your customers and key stakeholders, you can’t afford to be in the dark. Vital4’s automated AML/KYC data tools analyze more than 6,000 global watchlists, 20,000 Media Sources and over 1.5 Million PEP profiles to help identify subjects involved in financial crimes, terrorism, or corruption.

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  1. Apps, Risk Management
    Vital4 - Criminal Screening (VITAL4CRIM)
    SKU: Vital4 - Criminal Screening (VITAL4CRIM)
    Quick & accurate criminal screening with customizable filters & daily reporting.
  2. Apps, Risk Management
    Vital4 - Watchlists and Sanctions
    SKU: Watchlists and Sanctions
    Over 6,500 global watchlists and sanctions databases directly sourced and updated daily for maximum ...
  3. Apps, Risk Management
    Vital 4 - Adverse Media
    SKU: Adverse Media
    Over 20,000 global media sources for uncovering adverse or negative news related to individuals or o ...
  4. Apps, Risk Management
    Vital4 - PEP
    SKU: PEP
    Politically Exposed Persons Database
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