Salt Compliance LMS

Fully featured, cloud-based solution that can help your organisation schedule, deliver, manage & report on your online training.
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EASY TO DEPLOY Salt LMS is hassle-free during deployment! Our client services team will be there to help with the process, without additional burden to your IT team. REAL-TIME UPDATES The Salt Learning team makes legal and editorial updates behind the scenes. You don’t need to do anything! JOB-ROLE SPECIFIC Our system can tailor eLearning courses to specific job roles within your organisation. It is also possible to specify modules within topics and assign them to different staff members. CPD POINT TRACKING Use our system to track continuing professional development points, as required by many professional bodies and industry associations. CUSTOMISABLE We can customise your learners’ training experiences to your organisation’s structure, chosen training courses, branding, welcome messages and individual reporting needs. AUTOMATED NOTIFICATIONS Use our system to send automated reminders to staff to complete their training within specified time frames. COMPREHENSIVE REPORTING Schedule, manage and monitor your organisation’s compliance activities using our dynamic data and analytics of staff participation and completion, from individual reports to board-level summaries. SIMPLE POLICY MANAGEMENT Using the Salt Compliance LMS Policy feature you can easily upload your policies, assign them to your employees, have them attest to receiving and reading the policies, and send them email notifications of updates or amendments to policies.

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