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    Align Forte - Technical Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS)
    SKU: Align Forte - Technical Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS)
    We provide immediate administrative, technical, and business continuity staffing services that impro ...
  2. Services, Professional Services
    Align Forte - Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management (EPPM)
    SKU: Align Forte - Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management (EPPM)
    Our consultants are experts in programs, project portfolio management, and project management by ali ...
  3. Services, Professional Services
    Align Forte - Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
    SKU: Align Forte - Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
    Our core strength lies in project leadership, and when coupled with our extensive experience in comp ...
  4. Services, Professional Services
    Align Forte - Risk Assessments
    SKU: Align Forte - Risk Assessments
    Enhance compliance & manage risks with our expert audit services. ISO27001, SOC2, GDPR & more. Conta ...
  5. Professional Services
    Cybersecurity Risk Review
    SKU: Cybersecurity Risk Review
    Cybersecurity Risk Self-Review Service is an abbreviated assessment based on NIST SP 800-53 r5 using ...
  6. Services, Professional Services
    The Grid - Network Administration
    SKU: The Grid - Network Administration
    Safeguard your business with an IT partner dedicated to eliminating risk and matching technology to ...
  7. Services, Professional Services
    Quest - Disaster Recovery
    SKU: Quest - Disaster Recovery
    Today, every organization needs Disaster Recovery (DR) Services. How do disaster recovery and busine ...
  8. Services, Professional Services
    KWM - Digital Economies
    SKU: KWM - Digital Economies
    We know that valuing data in an M&A deal is as critical as understanding fintech regulations, select ...
  9. Services, Professional Services
    KWM - Mergers and Acquisitions
    SKU: KWM - Merger and Aquisitions
    With a comprehensive grasp of our clients’ needs and good relationships with regulators, we have c ...
  10. Services, Professional Services
    Cloud4C - Cybersecurity Strategy
    SKU: Cloud4C - Cybersecurity Strategy
    Stay ahead of cyber threat landscape with advanced security strategy and automated security measures ...
  11. Services, Professional Services
    Ashurst - ​Intellectual Property
    SKU: Ashurst - ​Intellectual Property
    Our top ranked international practice provides advice to the world's leading companies to manage and ...
  12. Services, Professional Services
    CyberCX - Cloud Security and Solutions
    SKU: CyberCX - Cloud Security and Solutions
    Secure by design digital transformation services to help you design, build and manage secure cloud a ...
  13. Services, Professional Services
    CyberCX - Cyber Intelligence
    SKU: CyberCX - Cyber Intelligence
    CyberCX Cyber Intelligence is a uniquely Australia and New Zealand focused capability, with unparall ...
  14. Services, Professional Services
    CTBK - Assurance Services
    SKU: CTBK - Assurance Services
    When you have a project at hand, you want it to get done, and that’s why CTBK takes a proactive ap ...
  15. Services, Professional Services
    vCISO Services, LLC - Virtual CISO as a Service (VCAAS)
    SKU: vCISO - Virtual CISO as a Service (VCAAS)
    vCISO Services, LLC is a small, specialized veteran-owned firm with a calling founded on Christian v ...
  16. Services, Professional Services
    Adage - Digital Strategy Services
    SKU: Adage - Digital Strategy Services
    All strategy services no matter the size start with discovery. From conversion optimization and cont ...
  17. Services, Professional Services
    Opcode Consulting - web3 Best Practices
    SKU: Opcode Consulting Services
    Looking to build safer EVM applications for your DeFi, NFT or web3 projects? Opcode provides technic ...
  18. Services, Professional Services
    Loop Secure - ISO 27001 Continual Compliance
    SKU: Loop Secure Services
    ISO/IEC 27001 Continual Compliance service will fast track your organisation to a strategic, risk-ba ...
  19. Services, Professional Services
    JA Connections, LLC - Services
    SKU: JA Connections, LLC
    We specialize in technology and infrastructure consulting, solution selection, and service implement ...
  20. Services, Professional Services
    IntraSystems, LLC - Services
    SKU: IntraSystems Services
    The IntraSystems team understands the advantages of being flexible and proactive. There’s no singl ...
  21. Services, Professional Services
    Insicon - GRC Consulting
    SKU: Insicon - GRC Consulting
    With demonstrable real-world experience in cyber security, Insicon empowers executives and boards of ...
  22. Services, Professional Services
    Cyber Audit Team - Cyber Security Training & Consulting
    SKU: Cyber Audit Team - Cyber Security Training and Consulting
    Cyber Audit Team will support your company’s existing information security and cybersecurity matur ...
  23. Services, Professional Services
    CLEAResources - Fraud Risk Assessment
    SKU: CLEAResources - Fraud Risk Assessment
    The CLEAResources service offerings are comprehensive, ranging from risk assessment support to devel ...
  24. Services, Professional Services
    CTBK - Tax Services
    SKU: CTBK Services
    Chiampou Travis Besaw & Kershner LLP (CTBK) is a name that can be found throughout the city of Buffa ...
  25. Services, Professional Services
    Aibl - Technology Consultancy
    SKU: Aibl Global Services
    Independent strategy and consulting for your organisation. Delivering the most direct route to the r ...
  26. Services, Professional Services
    Mission Critical Systems - Services
    SKU: Mission Critical Systems Services

    Get reliable and efficient Mission Critical Systems services to ensure the smooth functioning of ...

  27. Services, Professional Services
    Verterim Services
    SKU: Verterim Services
    Integrated Risk Management programs and software implementations thrive with guidance and leadership ...
  28. Services, Professional Services
    Osics, LLC
    SKU: Osics, LLC
    OSICS is a SDVOSB offering security consulting services for computing platforms, cyber-physical syst ...
  29. Professional Services, Managed Services
    Secutor - Services
    SKU: Secutor Services
    Secure your business with our efficient cybersecurity assessments, network security architecture, an ...
  30. Services, Professional Services
    CyberCX - Governance, Risk, and Compliance Consulting
    SKU: CyberCX Cybersecurity Experts
    Expert GRC consulting services from CyberCX to help businesses mitigate risk and comply with regulat ...
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