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Welcome to 6clicks marketplace, the premier B2B platform in the GRC industry.

We believe that 6clicks marketplace offers a valuable proposition for end-users looking for the best GRC solutions for their businesses. Start using our platform today and take the first step towards finding the perfect solution for your needs.


Wide range of options

Our marketplace brings together a diverse range of GRC vendors, offering a wide range of products and services to choose from. This means that you can easily find the best solution for your needs, all in one place.

cost effective

Trusted vendors

All vendors on our platform are carefully vetted to ensure that they meet the highest standards of quality and professionalism. This means that you can trust that you are getting the best solutions from reliable and trustworthy sources.


Time saving

By using our platform, you can save time and effort that you would otherwise spend on researching and comparing different vendors and solutions. 

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Discover software solutions that can help you meet your governance, risk, and compliance requirements.

Risk Assessment & Management
Internal Controls
Corporate Governance
Regulatory Compliance
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Data Privacy & Protection
Auditing and Assurance
Information Security


Find the content you need to support your risk and compliance program, available for all jurisdictions.

Audit and assessment templates
Policies and control sets
Risk libraries
Project templates
Incident response playbooks


GRC-related professional services or consulting offerings may include training programs, consulting services, implementation and integration support, and other forms of assistance that help organizations enhance their GRC capabilities.
These services can be customized to fit the unique needs of each organization and may be provided by GRC vendors, consultants, or other professionals.


Browse collections to find products, services, and content that are relevant to their specific needs and interests. Collections can help users save time and effort by providing a curated selection of GRC solutions, rather than having to search through the entire marketplace.

NIST Cybersecurity
Australian Financial Services
ASD Essential 8
NCSC Essentials

Lead enquiry

The 6clicks lead enquiry process assists organizations to find products and enables vendors to manage leads effectively. 


Find a solution

Efficiently narrow down options by finding relevant keywords on search menu or using categorization menu to filter results. This will help you to quickly and easily find the information or content that you're looking for. 


Select a listing

To express interest in a vendor's product or service on the 6clicks marketplace, navigate to the listing of the product or service and take the necessary steps to indicate your interest in the offering.


Learn more

Navigate to the vendor's listing on the marketplace and locate the lead enquiry form. Fill out the form with your contact information, including your name, email address, and phone number.


Enquiry review

the vendor will receive the enquiry directly in their email inbox or through their vendor dashboard. The vendor will then review the information provided by the organization.


Vendor reach out

The vendor responds to the lead enquiry, either through the 6clicks platform or directly with the organization. The response may include more information about the product or service, pricing details, and any other relevant information. 


Provide feedback

6clicks marketplace is looking forward to hearing your user journey with us. Find the chatbot at the lower right side of the site and send us your feedback.

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